Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week #10 {2015}

Sunday. I have SO many pictures of this guy sleeping. He just looks so peaceful and sweet.
Monday was a bea.u.ti.ful day. We sat outside and soaked in the sun while we waited for the school bus to get home.
Then Payton wanted to stay outside and wait for her friend to come over.
Dylan got a taekwondo lesson from Rylan.
Tuesday. Spring is coming!!!
Ry got another goose egg on his head and Dylan was sweet and helped keep ice on it.
Since it was such a nice day we had Asian Chicken Salad for dinner.
We've eaten a lot of warm, comfort food, so it was nice to have something light and healthy instead!
Wednesday morning Dylan was practicing his recorder for school when I saw that he was learning "Amazing Grace" . . . he goes to public school. Another reason I love living in the South!
Little Miss got dressed all by herself and asked if I would curl her hair. {I want to look like her when I grow up!}
This cutie was helping me with playing in the clean laundry.
Beef & Broccoli was what we ate for dinner.
Thursday. Well hello there snow! Yesterday morning was 30 degrees warmer . . . and today we have another winter storm.
Which also meant, NO SCHOOL!
I love that our yard has just enough of a slant so they can do this!
They made ladybug/ants on a log.
I roasted some Butternut Squash for our yummy lunch.
And got this awesome picture from my sister (left) who still lives in So Cal. I quickly texted back the pic on the right.
Friday. What? Another snow day!?!? {That's 8 days if your wondering.} Someone was excited and ready to go out to play in the snow!
On a side note, he's wearing underware sometimes now so we're making progress! Click {here} if your confused.
And no, I didn't let him out like that {although I'm sure he would have gone!}, he got fully dressed.
While they all played outside I freshened up the blog a bit.
And by the afternoon, the snow was melting.
Me and the two littles decided to go for a walk . . . and it was beautiful out . . . and it was 35° . . . and I wasn't freezing. Cold? Yes. But not freezing. {I'm still shaking my head on that one.}
Did you know that I've never made Chicken Noodle Casserole? I decided to rectify that and made it for dinner. I followed {this} recipe exactly with the exception of making my own condensed chicken soup. Everyone loved it.
Saturday Ry got dressed "All by MYSELF!"
And then went to play outside. {At least he put shoes on, right?}
These 3 L.O.V.E. each other. Even when they are crawling all over and jumping on each other!
Chris and I haven't had a date night in quite some time so we kicked the kids out of the kitchen and we had a date making cookies together. {The kids got a kick out of the whole situation. We heard them whispering in the other room "Mom and dad are on a DATE!" And they kept trying to sneak in.}
We made some adjustments to the original recipe {and only made half a batch}. But I think our S'more Cookies Cups turned out pretty cute!
And they tasted great too! We let the kids back in the kitchen and they devoured them!
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