Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week #13 {2015}

Sunday morning I got some early morning snuggles from Dylan (which I HAD to document, because that little big guy is going to MIDDLE SCHOOL next year!) and I'm not sure how often this will be happening.
Yes ladies, I married well.
Payton had her friend, Riley and her American Dolls over for a tea party. They must have drank a gallon of tea and had a blast!
Ohmigoodness. This little guy and his monkey backpack slays me.
Monday. Spring appeared while we were gone last week. The hyacinth flowers smell And I know what they are called thanks to the Pioneer Woman and her best friend {wink}.
I enjoyed my first iced coffe of the season because we are finally having some beautiful/warm weather!
Later that day I had my first Mango Sonic Splash (carbonated water + your flavor add in). Since I chose a sugar free add in, that baby was ZERO calories. Guess what I'll be getting this summer while the kids order the Slushes!?!?!
I made a new, fun recipe for dinner, Hawaiian Haystacks
And I got a super fun package from a friend/client! It smells wonderful and I will think of Judi every time I wear it!
Tuesday was a fantastic day! The boys mowed the lawns for this first time since the fall.
And I planted some peonies and basil.
Then we had this for dinner.
It was a Chipotle Black Bean Burger and we all loved it.
Wednesday little miss dressed herself for school. Hello Kitty dress, white cropped jean jacket, black furry boots, and a kitty umbrella. She's my little fashionista or fashioneaster as she used to call it!
So this is the extent of my craftiness. I removed the label on a plastic container and added the letter stickers. I'm hoping this helps corral our slew of crayons.
Little man got boxer briefs just like Dylan and he (a) was so excited and (b) looked so cute in them!
He also has been obsessed with lining things up lately.
I made a batch of Carob Bites.
And Rylan waited for the school bus to drop off Dylan and Payton.
The kids got an Easter package from Gigi and I love Payton's face as Dylan was opening it. They started on the crafts right away.
I finished another book.
Thursday I got some unexpected fun mail. I left a comment card at Tito's (our favorite mexican restaurant) leaving excellent ratings of course, and they sent us a $10 gift card as a thank you! Score!
Payton was playing at Riley's house and her mom texted me this picture . . . Girls are so much fun!
Everything French Bread, avocado, smoked deli turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and season salt. Fantastic dinner.
Friday Chris had to go into the office for bit so Rylan and I tagged along. I got dressed,
and even painted my nails.
And we headed out!
We met Chris' boss and co-workers. Ry played quietly and decorated Chris cube.
I LOVE the words they have up around the ceiling there: Honesty, Humility, Integrity, Philanthropy, Dedication, Life-Long Learning. {I love this company!}
Then we took Rylan for a surprise. First we got him a Happy Meal {We never buy these. This may have been his 2nd one ever.}
And then to the "moo-dee theater" to see Home. He was SO very excited.
I cannot imagine a better way to wake up on a Saturday morning.
Then to see them just talk and laugh together warms this momma's heart.
Then it was time for the Eggstravaganza at church!
There was a bunch of things to do there. Egg hunt, cake walk, bunny sack hop pictured.
Dylan was so excited to go this morning, but once he got there, he decided he was to big for the egg hunt. So he hung out with us and helped with Payton and Rylan.  He is growing into an amazingly sweet young man.
Then he came home and made a yummy salad for dinner (I'm not sure what was in it!).  Payton loved it.
Another fun week in the books!

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