Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birchbox {review}

Ready to see what I received in my February Birchbox?
My favorite item was this:
The wand is different than anything I've seen before.  It's got these little hooks/eyelash grabbers that seem to add volume.  It's awesomely bizarre.
My second favorite was this one.
While I did NOT care for the scent of this lotion, it worked amazingly.  So much so, that I could look {sniff?} past the smell and use it anyway.  
Payton had red, and raw knuckles from playing in the snow and this cream took away the pain in minutes and within a day it looked SO much better (I wish I would have taken pics!)
I have been putting it on my feet at bedtime every couple of days and it has made them so much softer!
The other items were okay. It was fun to try them out, but I won't be purchasing them in the future.
Curious as to what they were anyway?
Thanks mom and dad for an awesome, fun Christmas present!
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