Saturday, March 14, 2015

Week # 11 {2015}

Sunday was a georgeous day! After church Payton ran upstairs, changed into a tank top and shorts and played outside for a couple of hours {and yes that is still some snow up against the fence!}.
The kids found the Show Your Disney Side app, and then I found these pictures on my phone.
Monday Rylan and I went to the library. He's putting a temperature on the house he's building me.
Once we got home, he drew grass on his chalkboard and was pretty proud of himself.
Then it was cookie dough making time!
It was Teacher Appreciation Week at the kids school and each day had a theme for small gifts that we were supposed to send in. For "Handmade Gift Day" I decided to make and freeze balls of cookie dough and attach a handmade card from the kids. I made batches of Cowboy Cookie Dough and of course Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for each teacher.
I don't know if it's the time change or the fact that I've been waking up a bit earlier or the fact that Ry quit taking naps about a week and a half ago {or all three}, but I am POOPED this week. I sat down down for a bit and had to laugh at Ry's energy doing circles around the house on his scooter-skater.
See? He's a spaz! But I love him.
Tuesday was Mom2Mom and our church opened a new playground area for the kids. Ry's up in the very top.
Then we took the van to the tire shop and while it was getting fixed we walked over to McAlister's. Ry had lunch, I had iced tea {my fav.o.rite!} and I got a little bit of work done.
Wednesday Dylan had a friend over for a Bayblade Battle {Oh to be 10 & 11 again!}.
Thursday. Exercising is SO much better when you have an awesome workout partner. Check out his form on those squats!
Payton and her friend, Riley, goofing off!
I asked Dylan to set the table and I walked in to see this:
The napkins were rubberbanded around the silverware like at Chili's, and there was a candle on the table.  I was impressed.
Friday morning I read this:
God makes some pretty awesome promises!
Ry thought it was a pretty good day for stacking blocks in the window sill.
{Oh and those blocks are older than I am.  Cool huh?}
I finished another book! Woot woot!
And I had my first PiƱata Apple. Holy cow! Crisp and sweet. Go try one right now!
Oh and did I mention that we are officially on Spring Break now? Don't mind the fact that it is still officially winter until next Friday {Who planned that?}, but I am excited for lazy mornings and fun times with the family!  We kicked off Spring Break with our regularly scheduled Family Movie Night.  We watched The Box Trolls.  It was just "eh".  It lost my interest and I got bored.  The kids loved it though.
Saturday Baby Girl and I headed out for some girl time.
We met up with her friend Riley {and her mom} for lunch at Chick-fil-A.
Have you tried their new Frosted Lemonade? Yum!
Then we met up with Riley's cousins and her grandma at the movies to watch Cinderella.
Great movie. They all loved it.
While we were having fun, the boys ran a few errands and they ate lunch at the Popeye's that recently opened by us.
That night Ry said "Momma, your my best biend." {friend} as he grabbed and held my hand. I missed you too Ry Guy. He is such a sweet boy.
I cannot wait for the rest of this week!


  1. It's funny that you mentioned Popeye's and Melanie's book in the same post! True story: when Melanie's "chauffer" picked her up from our airport on the way to her speaking engagement in our town, she asked Melanie if she was hungry or wanted anything to eat. Melanie told her that Popeye's would be fine. She told us that she came all the way to Monroe, LA for the first time to eat Popeye's! ha!

    1. That's great! I haven't eaten there yet myself. Maybe I will need to go and check it out!


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