Friday, January 25, 2013

No School

I woke up this morning to find that school was closed today.
We were supposed to have an ice storm and this ended up being the extent of it.
(Although I am glad Dylan didn't ride on the bus today.)

We went outside to check it out and it was FREEZING!

P and Ry looking out the window to see it.

He is SO scrumptious!
So we stayed in our jammies all day long.
Dylan played with his jenga and legos.

We made Playgroup Granola Bars.
Then made Carob Bites.


Daddy worked and Dylan read.

Payton played dress up.

She got a little tired and asked to snuggle until she fell asleep.
How could I say no?

Little man crawled down the hallway.

And got a bath.

We had family movie night and I caught Rylan snuggling up on Dylan.

Then he pulled his hair.

Although we didn't get a HUGE storm.  It was fun to have the kiddos home!

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