Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tornado Warning

Today started out wonderful.
How can it not, when you have a happy boy?

Rylan's been missing his second nap for the day and I wanted to get him back on track.
We were supposed to have thunderstorms today (and it was warm . . .  I love that combo!) so it was a good day to stay home and be intentional with Rylan's naps.
But he had other plans.
It took me TWO HOURS to get him down for his first nap (which is usually a breeze).
I had to take a picture when he finally fell asleep.  Isn't he sweet?

That nap lasted only an hour.
Which was fine because we had a tornado watch.  Then a tornado warning.
(Watch - weather conditions are right and we "could" have a tornado)
(Warning - there is a tornado that has touched down in the area)
So down to the basement we went.
Funny Side Note:  Craig and Sasha (my in-laws) were at Target and they had to stop shopping and stand in the back of the store in a specific area with everyone who was in Target for 45 minutes while the tornado was coming.

Thank goodness Chris was working from home today.
The tornado was heading straight for our house.

Which was weird because it was calm and dry outside.

Then all of the sudden the skies opened up and the rain down poured.

My mom asked if I was scared and I wasn't.
I just wish the kids (Dylan and Payton) were home with me instead of being at school.
They had to curl up in a ball next to the walls in the hallways at school (for 3-1/2 hours Dylan said - I'm sure it was more like 1 hour, but hey - that's got to be hard for an 8 year old boy!).
The tornado got pretty close to us then headed north.
So we just got the wind, rain and thunder.
Oh yeah, and the second nap for Rylan???  That took me another 2 hours to get him down and he only slept for 30 minutes.  Oh well, maybe tomorrow!

Praising God for his protection for all of us and praying for the family who lost a loved one yesterday due to the tornado.

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