Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years {2013}

Happy New Years!
We were supposed to go visit Chris' family (his cousin) in Jacksonville, FL on Friday but since Rylan was really sick we pushed it off . . .
Until today!

Road trip!
It was rainy, gloomy and cold Atlanta.

This was after about 4 stops (which we only planned for 1 - we forgot what it is like driving with kids!) and once we crossed the Florida border.

Blue skies in Florida!

The kids really were troopers.

They had lots of things to distract them.

Here we are about to cross the St. Johns River.

It was really pretty.

We made it!  Only 6 hours to drive what should have been a little less than 5.  Not bad for 3 kids and one that is still nursing!
This is Kyla and Payton.
Notice she is in shorts.  Yes, it was that warm!

Silly face time.

Playing outside in the dark.

Payton was so excited to have a sleepover.

Dylan, Grayson, Payton & Kyla
Kyla was sweet enough to give up her room for Chris and I.
As Rylan fell asleep, he rolled over and grabbed Chris' finger to hold it.

It was a long drive . . . but totally worth it!
What a great way to kick off the New Year!

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