Saturday, May 13, 2017

Week #19 {2017}

Sunday Dylan was exhausted from his trip to Dollywood and laid around most of the day.  
Bombi joined him out on the deck.
Monday we went to the Duke Ceremony.
And that evening, the sunset was spectacular.
Tuesday Chris and Dylan rescued a turtle from being eaten by Bombi.
Meet Tops.  We had a turtle in Georgia that was named Spot.  Dylan thought he looked the same, so he reversed his name and came up with Tops.
Wednesday on our way to pick up the big kids, little guy crashed out in the car.  I LOVE sleeping babies.
Dylan was at a friends house and when I drove up I saw this {such goobers!}:
During taekwondo, I finished this book.
And I can't get enough of this!
Thursday morning, I had an awesome workout buddy.
Afterward he brought me these flowers to "Remind you of Papa Nutt".  Sweet boy.
It's fun watching Dylan assist in other TKD classes.
After TKD it was Ry's first practice of the season for T-Ball.
Friday morning I took P to Burger King in between dropping Dylan off and her off for school.  Can you tell I'm running out of ideas of things to keep us busy for that hour?
The birdies look like birdies now... not little aliens!
We got to watch a storm roll through.
And Dylan {of course} played in the rain.
It's amazing how different weather changes our view so drastically.
Saturday morning we walked down to the creek to let Tops go.  He was stinky, attracted bugs and I just don't have time for him right now.  Plus I am sure he will enjoy life much more down at the creek!
On the way back we saw some gorgeous weeds...
it reminded me of Ecclesiastes 3:11.
It's been such an amazing thing to watch these birds.  I hope the kids will remember it forever.
Bombi...working on his Autobiography.  {hahahahaha!}
He sure loves Dylan and has to be right next to him.

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