Monday, July 18, 2011

Last day

Today was the last day of semi-retirement for Chris (LOL). (He starts work tomorrow!!! Praise the Lord for his provision!!!)

He wanted to go on a mountain bike ride so Sasha, Brittan, the kids and I went along to walk the trails at Blankets Creek. (Dylan rode his bike.)
We walked for about an hour and fifteen minutes... Even Payton (well she ran most of the way).
Think she will be the next Flo Jo?

This was our view for most of the walk.
We got to see a squirrel, a deer, some fish, and even two horses.
They ran right to Brittan and Payton.

Isn't this beautiful?
When we met up with Chris, we were telling him about all the animals that we saw when he asked, "Did you see one of these?". He opened his backpack and placed a box turtle on the table.
Since finding the snapping turtle, Dylan has been asking Chris to find him a box turtle to keep and he came thru!
He is currently burrowed in the backyard. I think he will like his new home.

On the way home from the trails, we saw this sign and all had a good chuckle.
Chris and I ran to Target to get starch for his shirts (did I tell you he is starting a job tomorrow!) While in Target it began to rain. It wasn't a light rain. It was a downpour! We ran to the car as fast as we could and were DRENCHED.
We look and feel like wet dogs.

This was our view on the way home...and our wipers are on full blast.
Of course once we got home, the downpour had turned into a drizzle. :)

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