Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Before I talk about today...
This is how I I found Dylan when I went to check on him at last night... Such a big boy and yet still a baby boy all the same - shhhh don't tell him I said that!
On to today...
We decided to take one of our "drives" today. We started out north, drove through Ellijay then went east. I'm not sure exactly where we went, but it was pretty! Brittan yelled out "Waterfall!" (which everyone else missed seeing through the dense trees). We turned back around and this is what we saw...
Isn't it beautiful? We think it is part of Vogel State Park.
I promise, Chris really is having a good time. :)
Here's me and the kids.
On the way home we got to go on a road that we have gone on before. I was so excited because we got to go by this church.
I had wanted to take pictures for my mom (hi mom!) and here's why...
Open air church service?!? Yes please!
The pews were VERY worn due to the weather. And it looks like sand bags are holding up the posts, see it?
I can just imagine the services that go on here. Maybe I just may have to visit sometime.

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