Friday, July 8, 2011

"I'm home"

We like to drive around our new area and find where the roads connect, where places are and just get comfortable with our surroundings. On Wednesday we stumbled upon this little gem. Can you see what it is?
Chris' favorite word..."CARNICERIA".

Georgia is known for not having good mexican food {tear} and we had been on the hunt for carne asada since moving there. We could'nt find it ANYWHERE! In approaching one butcher he actually said "What's that?" Seriously? What's carne asada??? Doesnt everyone know what it is and L.O.V.E. it?

Any hoo. We walked inside and it smelled just like our favorite Mexican Market down in San Juan Capistrano, "El Campeon". Chris looked and me and said "I'm home!" And yup, you guessed it... they had carne asada. We bought some went straight home, cooked it up and it was YUMMY!

(Now hopefully we will be able to find that place again! LOL!)

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