Sunday, July 3, 2011

It's Party Time!

Since Payton's birthday is tomorrow

(insert inner monologue ~ she's not 3 till tomorrow, she's still 2, she's not 3 till tomorrow, she's still 2)

and there is another birthday (ahem - America's) that everyone celebrates, we decided to have her family party today. It was a Strawberry Shortcake Party.

(straw-a-a-berry short-cake - do do do do - I know a girl...) Awe, come on, all the parents of 2-5 year old girls were singing along with me, I know you were!

It was a great time - pizza, ice cream cake, and presents...
She couldn't WAIT to open the presents.
Family photo time!
My handsome Dylan who was so excited for Payton today!
Cake time!
Payton loved it. Her piece was HUGE!
Showing off her loot. A toddler Hello Kitty backpack and Hello Kitty doll from Uncle Todd, Auntie Auba, and Baby Zayn.
A "troller" (stroller) and diaper bag from Papa & Sasha and Baby Cinderella from Brittan (Chris' cousin).
After we were done she walked back and forth across the lawn and up and down the sidewalk walking her baby. She was "going to the submarine" then coming back and saying "it was closed". Crazy girl!
Daddy got her a Hello Kitty backpack too!
I can't believe she will be 3 tomorrow.... {sigh}

Wish my family from California and Colorado could have been with us today....

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