Monday, May 22, 2017

Every Hour on the Hour {Monday, May 22, 2017}

I decided to do another Hour by Hour post since life is so crazy right now.  That way I can look back and see that you can do anything for a season.  I SHOULD have picked a Wednesday where all 3 kids  have TKD class and we don't get home until 7:15pm.  Or a Thursday where Dyl and P have TKD and Ry has t-ball {yes, its cray-cray}. But I didn't. So here is our Monday!

6am - I've already been up for 35 minutes waking the kids, tending to Bombi, making coffee and getting lunches made {which this is the LAST lunch of this school year!}.
7am - We made a stop at Kroger for Dylan to get a bag of candy for their end of the year celebration.
After dropping Dylan off we went back to Kroger to stop and see Mr. T & Mr. Gerry {the kids amazing bus drivers}.  All the bus drivers meet up there for coffee at the Starbuck's inside.  Then we did some shopping to kill time.
8am - We are in the car waiting to drop Payton off at school at 8:05am.
9am - I had a doctor's appointment. Chris didn't have to go into work until later so Ry was able to sleep in and hang out with him this morning, which made the doctors much less chaotic {ha!}.
10am - I literally drove up to the house.  Our view has been changing with all the leaves filling in.  It's breathtaking.
11am - I made myself an iced coffee {not something I normally do since I already had a coffee today} and then ran a clean cycle on the coffee maker.  We love our Ninja Coffee Bar!
12pm - I paid bills and meal planned.  Summer starts tomorrow at noon and I will need a LOT more food options at the house!
1pm - I folded another load of laundry.  The kids get SO dirty playing outside all the time now, it feels like my laundry had quadrupled!
2pm - Ry and I are back in the car heading back to pick Dylan up from school {he gets out at 2:35}.
3pm - We picked him up from the car rider line and then went to Aldi.
extra photo - We picked Payton up at 3:35 and she was SO excited because she got A/B Honor Roll again!
4pm - Dylan was assisting for Ry's taekwondo class.  While they were in class, Payton played with a friend there and I did my grocery shopping.  Walmart Grocery Pickup is awesome.  I placed my order during her class and will pick it up tomorrow morning!
5pm - We were driving back home.
6pm - We were eating dinner.  I made BLT Pasta Salad.
7pm - We were done cleaning up dinner and I was sweeping the floor.
8pm - I just got out of the shower.
9pm - We were watching the Predator Game.
And we WON!  We are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!!!
10pm - We were going to bed.  
And that is what my days have sorta been like lately!

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