Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week #11 {2017}

Sunday morning snuggles with my baby boy.
This girl has her own style and she is adorable.
Bombi is still adorable too.
Monday some friends and I hit up Downtown Columbia.  Muletown Coffee, The Square Market & Ted's were just a few of our stops.
Tuesday Bombi helped me wake up Dylan again.
And he loves the fire.
He's great at going with me to drop off/pick up the kids at TKD.
Rylan is so fearful of Bombi nipping at him, so he always hugs his back side.
Tonight he got daring and layed on him!
Wednesday I took this little big guy to register for Kindergarten!
He was SO excited...and I can't believe that this day is already here!
Ry was trying to "train" him.
These 2 are so cute together!
Friday was St. Patrick's Day!
We went back to A Balloon Shop so Rylan could make a payment on his TMNT on layaway.
Saturday running errands with these cuties!

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