Saturday, March 11, 2017

Week #10 {2017}

Sunday, not only did I take a ton of pics of Bombi...but he had his first trip to Lowes!
Yup!  He's cute alright.
Monday morning we attempted a walk to the bus stop.  But he does NOT like being on a leash.
That night this guy had an orchestra concert {they are getting really good!}
And the littles were excited to see Mr. Gerry {Dylan's bus driver} there and sat with him for the performance.
Dylan had Bombi wrapped up, asleep on his lap.  He put him in his cage and he stayed like this...
Ry found an opening laying on daddy {Bombi is usually there}, claimed back his spot and quickly fell asleep.
Tuesday we picked up Ms. Karen from the airport.  She and her family have been long time friends of our family, and she came into town to spend some time with my momma {and me too!}.
We stopped off at Five Daughter's Bakery, where we tried a King Kong & Tiramisu donut. Yum!
I love the sunsets here.
And this guy has adapted quite nicely to our family.
Wednesday morning I took Bombi in to wake Dylan. He quickly got comfy and fell asleep.
I'm sure I won't take as many pictures of him at some point...but he's just so cute right now, I can't help myself.
While the bigs were in school Ry and I took Ms. Karen and my momma to Downtown Franklin and we ate lunch at the Franklin Mercantile.
At one of the shops there, Karen got me this adorable pillow.
These 2 littles went with me to pick up Dylan from TKD.
Thursday Bombi went with me to drop Dylan off at Souled Out.  Soon he's going to be too big to go with us all the time.
This is his evening routine.
Rylan copies EVERYTHING Dylan does.
At 11:15 pm we were woken up to tornado sirens and this storm rolling in.  Fortunately we were fine, but it created a interesting night of sleep {or lack there of...}.
Friday we had more fun with Bombi.
And we {Ry and I} went to Downtown Columbia with Ms. Karen and my mom.  We showed her The Faded Farmhouse {my fav!}, and then went and introduced her to Tom and Vickie at A Balloon Shop.  They are such amazing people.  While were were talking {and enjoying their ice cream - Banana Cream Pudding - ohmigoodness!!} Ms. Vickie heard Rylan say he wanted a stuffed animal... She explained what layaway was, helped him pick out a Ninja Turtle, had him write his name on a form and took his 4 pennies {plus a dollar from Ms. Karen!} as a deposit. She told him he had to earn the rest and couldn't use his piggy bank money. She would be holding the TMNT until he could pay the balance.  It was so sweet that she took the time, and created an amazing memory for Ry {and helped instill a good work ethic!}.
Ry is a little scared of Bombi nipping at him, so this is how he hugs him. It's so sweet!
We had family movie night and I looked over to see this.  Precious!
Saturday morning sunrise!
But it was gonna be a crazy weather day {2 days ago it was 73 degrees!}.  It pretty much flurried off and on all day long.
Payton and I went with my momma to drop Ms. Karen off at the airport.  We had SUCH a wonderful time with her.  We hope she comes back soon!
That night this was the snow accumulation.  Not much but it finally stuck around!

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