Saturday, March 4, 2017

Introducing Bombi

So, we got a dog...  I was the last holdout in the family, then my dad died.  My dad LOVED LOVED LOVED animals.  Almost every time I saw him, he would say "Becca, you need to get the kids a dog.".  It was probably more for him to be able to love on another animal, but he also thought it would be so good for the kids.  So back in January, Chris showed me a picture of an adorable boxer puppy, 
and thinking about my dad, I said yes.  We've waited 9 long weeks for this guy.  The breeder sent these pics in January.
And then in February we got more photos. 
Everyday the kids {or Chris} asked to "see some cuteness" then try to guess what he is thinking in these pictures like:
"Com'on lady, don't make me run."
"I just want a belly rub."
"Here is this a better position for you to rub my belly?"
Today we finally got to bring him home... here's Bombi:
Bombi is short for Embwa Kebombi which means "big dog" in my mom's African tribal language {both my parents grew up in Africa as missionary kids}.
I think he's going to be loved...a lot.
And if you want to see a ridiculous amounts of adorable pictures of him, you can follow him on Instagram - @bombitheboxer .

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