Thursday, March 30, 2017

We Bought a {Mini} Farm!

Ever since we bought our house Chris has always joked... "I wanted acreage and a 3 car garage... she wanted a cul-de-sac and a neighborhood, and she won!".  
It was great for the kids. I made some AMAZING friends with the neighbors there.  That house made the move to Tennessee feel like home.
It wasn't one particular thing, but a culmination of many small things that made us decide to move.  In January we started looking at homes for sale.  We talked with our realtor, and because of the market here...we really couldn't be a contingent buyer.  So we decided to list our house and see what would happen.  We listed it on a Friday, and said we wouldn't show it until our Open House on Sunday.  And it the Open House!
We weren't expecting it to happen so quickly and Chris and I looked at each other with the "Holy cow! What are we going to do now?" looks on our face.
The following Tuesday we went to look at a house and we walked away discouraged.  What we were looking for, in the price range that we wanted, just wasn't out there...and now we had the added pressure of a move out date for our current house.  Chris said to me...if God had our house sell, he has another house for us!
Wednesday our realtor sent us a brand new listing {like it was on the market for less than an hour} and it looked promising.  I called Chris and he left his office and met us there right away. We walked to the front of the house and looked out at the view.  Right after I took this picture:
Chris looked at me and said "This is it, isn't it?".  We hadn't even looked inside the house! But we knew we could fix/change the house...but we couldn't get a different view.  It was stunning.
So after looking in the house {which had already had some renovations done but needed some more}, we made an offer on the house and it was accepted.
Fast forward to today... This is the house:
It's is much smaller than what we were in but it sits on 9+ acres.  It is a mini farm and we will in the future, hopefully get some animals {chickens and cows}.  Chris didn't get his 3 car garage but he got a barn that has a workshop and we could park an additional 2 cars in I think he will be okay {wink!}.
In the middle of unpacking today, I got to swing with my girl.

The kids played on the playset.
And they spent hours on this amazing swing.
Bombi likes it too.
He stays pretty close to us and doesn't wander too far.
We also had our first guests over today!  My mom brought The Stellmack's over and they fed us dinner! Thanks Eric & Jeanine!


  1. Finding the right house is very stressful, let alone a farmhouse. First I must admit that your kids are very adorable and cute. A farmhouse is a great place to grow up, as it is a calm place. There is enough space for the kids to play on, and the scenery around is breathtaking. The house looks very cozy, too. The renovations will be a lot of fun for your family.

    Keneth Parish @ Lion Land Marketing

    1. Thanks Keneth! My kids are loving it so far!


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