Thursday, August 7, 2014

{Last} Days of Summer

I cannot believe that our 11+ weeks of summer are coming to an end! 
We relished:
Being at the pool.
Eating s'mores as a reward for napping with a dry pull-up.
Football (and cheer too!) practice.
Getting new shirts from Papa & Yaya.
He's cheering because he now has his own VBS Destination (PBS Nation as he says it). This shirt has palm trees on it just like the kids VBS shirts.
Playing {reading} at the library. Why didn't I figure out earlier this summer that letting the kids play there equals quiet reading time for me?
Listening to Rylan say "Restroom say I go potty" while pointing to this sign.
Receiving flowers from my littles.
Being at the zoo.
Side note: that coke machine in the middle of trees cracks me up every time.
Kids cooperating for a photo.
This misting fan that helped cool us down (it was a hot day!)
And then the rain room.
Taking my very own monkeys to see real live ones.
Making Chicken Pot Pie. {I always feel like an awesome 50's housewife when I make this.}
Having a tough cookie for a little boy. Ouch!
Getting to have lunch with daddy.
Silly poses when asked to take a picture.
Having fun together.
But are super bummed it was the last swim of "summer".
Crazy weather at football practice. (Thunder and lightning in the distance only seemed to worry us Californians!)
Getting to capture an awesome daddy-son moment.
Summer of 2014? Pretty perfect.
And now school starts tomorrow!

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