Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our Weekend - Williamson County Fair

This weekend was Tennessee's tax-free weekend. Since Chris was working, the kids and I headed to Opry Mills Mall to take advantage of this savings. It was a beautiful day and on our way there (out of nowhere) this happened:
It DUMPED on us for about 3 minutes.
Then it was like this:
#crazy weather
I knew the mall would be crowded but we were at a stand still 1/4 mile away from the exit. What?
Our doctor's appointment yesterday was about Rylan's in-toeing (aka pigeon toed or like Dylan calls it "birdie feet"). He recommended some Stride Rite shoes and Ry was pretty proud of his new kicks. And funny enough, the shirt wasn't planned!
Sunday we headed to the Williamson County Fair. Those are my peeps!
Ready to start the fun!
Hummmmmmm fair food . . .
We tried for the first time (and only time) a Deep Fried Snickers.
The batter was like a corn dog but sweeter and the snickers was ooey and goey inside. It was good, but I would rather have a frozen Snickers. Scratch that, make it a frozen Twix. Can I get an "Amen"?
The best part of the fair (or actually ANY fair that I have been to) was the Little One's Farming. It was a walk through of a day in the life of a farmer. Everything was hands on and all the volunteers were super helpful and kind.
They gave each kid an apron and basket. Their first stop was to scoop some corn into a bag and place in your basket. Then you went to feed the chickens (fake ones) with some of your corn and collect and egg for your basket. (Funny side note: I actually had to feed and collect our chickens eggs when I was little. That was a very bizzare thing for someone growing up in Orange County, CA.)
Then on to apple picking, fishing, riding a tractor and brushing a sheep to collect wool for your basket.
You planted some of your seeds in a garden, watered it, then picked up the vegetables you grew and added that to your basket. See Ry's fish, bell pepper & tomato? 
You took the remainder of your corn to feed the cow and then actually milked the (fake) cow - water came out!. You collected a small milk carton and moooooved on (Get it? lol. I'm so funny.) 
All done and ready to sell your items to the farmers market!
After they kids placed each item in the right section at the farmers market and turned in their basket & apron, they were paid a Little One's Farming dollar. We walked to their store and they got to buy either an apple, carton of milk, animal cookies, or an ice cream sandwich with that dollar. For real!
What an amazing memory maker (and they were learning the whole time too). I was pretty impressed with the whole thing.
After that we checked out the animals. The pig just had babies.
This Texas Longhorn was HUGE!
And then to the corn pit.
They could have played in this for hours.
Bumper car time! (I love Dyl's face in the top right pic.)
We left the fair and ate at Fulin's Asian Cusine for the first time. The lettuce wraps? Amazing.
School starts THIS Friday (for a half day -lame!) so Dylan got his hairs cut. He hates when I say that. "Mooommm it's not hairs it's hair!" And I say "Well you got more than one cut so it's hairs!" (I know it's hair, but I love playing with him like that.)
Ry read while we waited for Dylan.
All ready for school!
The kids were inspired by the animals at the fair.
Pooped out from a fun weekend! Will Rylan ever sleep in his own bed?

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