Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day Weekend - Friday

Friday morning, Chris woke the kids up and surprised them with the news that they would be playing hookie from school and we headed down to Georgia (one day earlier than they expected).
Here they are, excited and heading out (in their jammies).
Oh look at that, 3 hours later, things look pretty much the same!
Shortly after we arrived, Chris and I headed to the market, sans children (thanks Craig & Sasha!). We joked that it was like a date so of course I had to document that with a pic.
The men grilled hamburgers & hot dogs while Sasha and I sat on the porch, and watched the kids play. After we ate lunch (which was so good!), the school bus got there and Dylan left to play with his old buddies. He was gone for HOURS, literally 5 hours. They all picked up right where they left off! 
Guess what I did during that time? I took an hour and a half nap. It was a-maze-ing. Then it was back out to the porch for popsicles.
We saw some neighbors and ended up talking with them for a long while. It was a great, relaxing, and fun day!

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