Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {1st game of the season}

Saturday was the 1st official game of the season. Payton was super excited to cheer at her first game. Their uniforms hadn't come in yet, so she wore her practice uniform to the game. 
Check out the "RealFeel®" temp. Holy moley it was a hot one!
While we waited for the game to start, Sparkie came and visited us. We passed him back and forth . . . it's so bizarre!
The football team finally got their uniforms in. Dylan is number 9.
Payton is the second in from the left.
The girls were so cute!
Did I mention it was hot? How hot was it? Check out Payton's face!
Shortly after I took that pic, the thunder started rumbling and then lightning struck. The game was called (a draw) and we headed out. Isn't the sky ominous?
We ended the day eating at Mac's Grub Shak for dinner.
Sunday after church we went to the pool for a couple of hours. The kids got to show Chris all the tricks they learned this summer and all the progress Payton has made with swimming (she's a better swimmer than me now!).
Dylan wanted to make something, so he made granola bars (playgroup granola bars) for this week's lunches and snacks. He's getting really good in the kitchen!

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