Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {Belt Testing & Football}

Saturday morning we all (including Papa & Sasha) got ready for a busy morning for Dylan. 
First we went to his Brown Belt Testing (for taekwondo). He was a little nervous at first (see top left photo) but did amazing. He had to perform his forms, show his specific technique (a round kick spinning hook kick), break a board with an elbow smash, and spar with another opponent.
As soon as he was done (we left a little early) we rushed out and headed to a football jamboree.
It is a very quick game just to get all the players ready for season games.
What's wrong Ry?
"I'm mad a momma."
Oh honey . . . this isn't the first time and for SURE won't be the last time.{smile}
Papa and Sasha left mid-morning on Sunday. At lunch time we headed to Chick-a-Saw Trace Park for Chris to get in a ride, let the kids play at the playground and for a picnic.
There were a bunch of butterflies around and Dylan had one "trained". Meet Sparky.
He loved Dylan and literally kept coming back to him. He hung out on Dylan for at least a half hour. He let Dylan move him, and even touch his antennae! Dylan was sad that I wouldn't let him bring him home with us.
Who's bright idea was it to give this kid a red slushie???

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