Friday, July 18, 2014

Week in Review {Vacation Bible School}

The kids went to VBS at Thompson Station Church this week and they had a BLAST!
They had spirit day, pajama day, Christian /church shirt day, and cute/crazy day. Payton was a little nervous when I dropped her off Monday morning, but when I picked her up that afternoon, she was so happy and had a great time! Dylan wanted to know why VBS isn't a month long instead of a week! {smile}
D asked me to take a pic of him with all his weapons. Such a boy!
Hey, I got them all looking at the camera!
I love stealing Chris' California mug it makes me think about home.
There are no words people . . . NO WORDS!
I got a lot of "Ry and Me" time this week while bro and sis were at VBS. We went to Starbucks so I could do a bit of work. Unfortunately Ry took over my "copy". "More copy momma!"
Wanna know what one of the prizes for the summer reading program at the PUBLIC library is?
That's right, a Bible. The Super Heroes Bible to be exact. It's a perk of living in the Bible Belt! P.S. He picked it out all by himself. {sigh}
Chris got to go to a dinner for work (more on that later) so the kids and I went to (their choice) Panda Express for Linner (you know, the meal you eat between lunch and dinner time?)
Ooh and we went to find Payton shorts for cheerleading. We didn't find shorts, but I found this pretty necklace for a steal. (It's a letter L.)
Chris and his team at work won a competition and got to eat at the Cork & Cow in Downtown Franklin. Yes, the Cork & Cow. It's my vote for the BEST restaurant name EVER. He texted me this pic while he was there.
You know what makes my hubby awesome? He brought me home a doggie bag (even if his co-workers were teasing him about it)!
It was SO good. Seriously. But then you would HOPE a 47 DOLLAR steak would be good, otherwise you would be completely bummed! And it tastes even better when you didn't have to pay for it!
Payton made (and served) breakfast for Dylan, Rylan and me.
Dylan said that my pants reminded him of Yaya (she has a bunch of animal print stuff).
We have some snipers in the house.
We made cookies that had to be rolled in powdered sugar. I had 2 VERY willing helpers. (Good thing Ry was napping otherwise it would have been a disaster area!)
Dentist time - Ry did great for his first check up!
The waiting room at the dentist had this awesome VW van in the middle of it for the kids to play in.
I had to document a rare occasion in the summertime . . . me wearing sleeves.
Since we are having a random/weird cooling trend (our high was 75° today) I added a layer to my normal tank top and jean shorts uniform. Ha!
Ry LOVED picking up DD and PP from "PBS" every day. I think the few minutes we were there each day, that he thought he was participating in it. Today while walking from the car to VBS we had to stop at least 4 times for Ry to put his hands in his pockets to walk.
He is scrumptious!
Then it was dance party time.

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