Thursday, July 10, 2014

Myrtle Beach {Part III}

Heading back to the beach on the shuttle.
I could have posted a million pictures like this. It was awesome.
I think I've pushed my limit with Chris and taking pictures , LOL! 
My boys!
Look at that tan line!
Bath time!
He FINALLY took a nap!
My babies!
In the middle of the night, Ry got to coughing, the nasty croup kind. Poor baby.
In the morning, he slept-in for a long time and I kept checking on him. (Notice his feet are hanging off the bed!)
A storm had rolled in that night too, and we woke up to this view:
And to this amazing show:
Little man was not 100%.
We headed to the Boardwalk (and Rylan would NOT stay in his stroller).
I love this picture.
The boardwalk felt a LOT like being at the Balboa Fun Zone, but MAN was it humid (because of the storm)!
Ry was walking with his hands in his pockets. Cute, right?
We {very} quickly realized that the Boardwalk was quite the seedy place.
So we quickly left making only 2 stops:
a store called I Love Sugar:
(Notice the big chandelier ball? It was made of gummy bears hanging from the ceiling. And that back wall is all candy dispensers.)
And then to take a photo with Optimus Prime.
On the way back to the hotel we went by Myrtle Manor. I've never seen (or heard of) the tv show, but the gaudiness of the trailer park was awesome.
The sun came out for awhile so we booked it to the beach for one last time on this trip.
Ry was still not feeling well and it got super windy,
so we said goodbye to the beach. {tear}
Payton had me do her hair like her Elsa doll.
Ry loves himself some "Tiger Hood" (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) and he watched this a lot back at the hotel.
Part IV coming up next!

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