Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Payton {and America too!}

Payton Faith Lewis turned 6 years old today! (Oh yeah and America turned 238 today also.)
I had been asking PGirls for weeks if we could celebrate her birthday, have cake and presents but would she would stay 5 years old? She would just giggle and said, "Mooooommy!".
It the morning she got to have a tea party and open presents while FaceTiming with Gigi & Auntie J.
Papa Nutt wished her a happy birthday too.
A little later Auntie D called right before she started a 5k race.
Rylan loved the box that her presents were shipped in.
You know those moments when your kids do something amazing and your heart just swells with pride & love for them? I got to have two of those moments this week . . .
We (the kids and I) were shopping and Payton had grabbed a Palace Pets toy that she wanted to buy and carried it around the whole store with her. At the end of our trip I talked with her about her birthday coming up in a couple of days, and I suggested that she waited to buy the toy until AFTER her birthday. She agreed and put the toy back. 
Dylan then whispered to me that he wanted to buy it for Payton for her birthday. So he (in secret) went, got the toy, went to his own checkout lane and bought the toy with his OWN money! Then when we got home he wrapped it all by himself and wrote the sweetest card, "To the berry best sister PP, Love DD". {love}
The next moment came when Payton was opening the present. You could tell how much they truly love each other (even though they argue and pick on one other 90% of the time). She thought it was pretty awesome that he did all that for her.
Then it was time to FaceTime with Papa & Sasha (we get to see them on Sunday and we will be celebrating her birthday again!)
Payton got dressed and we headed to the mall. She got to spend some of her birthday money to buy this cute owl beanie baby (yes J, it's an owl!)
We went to Build-a-Bear to "just look".
Then Chris told her that she is really getting one for her birthday.
She was stoked!
Then it was decision making time.
She choose My Little Pony FlutterShy.
Daddy had not gotten to experience the Build-a-Bear process and it was cute to watch them together.
For lunch we had pizza, and that is NOT Payton's lips, but pepperoni hanging out of her mouth! LOL!
My baby girl . . .
She wanted to change into a dress for her cake and presents. 
It was a perfect opportunity to take her 6 year old photos. Even though Diaperman wanted to crash our photoshoot.
Payton's choice for a cake? Hot pink of course!
I love this smile.
And the excitement and joy of opening presents.
So evening time came and we thought we were so cool with our fireworks in the backyard.
Yeah, being from California, we had no CLUE how they celebrate the 4th of July here. It put all of our 4th of July's (except Payton's birthday - that was my favorite!) to shame. This is our view from our back door of our neighbors behind us.
There was not a "show" put on by the city, because everyone did their own.  Fireworks surrounded us for 2 hours straight. It was awesome, amazing, breathtaking, cool.  We have to step up our game next year!
My 6 year old girl. I love her so much. Sweet dreams!

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