Sunday, July 13, 2014

Myrtle Beach {Part IV} & The Rest of our Weekend

Friday morning we woke up, packed everything up and headed out for our 10.5 hour drive. Thank goodness for a DVD player!
Papa and Sasha headed back to Georgia and left right around the same time as us. We stopped for gas and about an hour into our drive we passed them on the highway. Crazy!
It was gloomy leaving South Carolina.
But we got an awesome parting gift from that lovely state . . . A speeding ticket. {laughing but not really laughing}
The tree lined highways are beautiful.
We stopped off at a rest stop in North Carolina for a potty break.
I'm so glad that I packed these dry erase books.
They kept Ry happy for hours! And he surprised me when I went to hand him the Things That Go book, he said "No momma, the ABC one" #smartkid
I'm also glad I packed a baking sheet. Payton used it for assembling puzzles and also playing with her magnet dress up doll set. (Nice photobomb Dylan!)
Driving through the Smokies was gorgeous!
I guess Payton was working on her loose tooth all the way home, because first thing I has to do when we got there, was pull her tooth.
Before and after, 2 teeth gone!
Sweet, sick boy, propped up in the corner of the couch holding his beloved "Bit-bit" (blanket).
Here's the note Payton left for the Tooth Fairy. (Man, it is hard to disguise your handwriting!)
We took Chris to have his first Sonic Slush (they have Spenda flavors!).
And then a transformer blew on our street and we were without power for a little over an hour. The kids decided to teach Rylan how to play Uno Attack.
Shhhh, don't tell him that he's supposed to be a baby!
Sunday we just hung out and did stuff around the house. Chris is almost done with our living room furniture makeover! Pictures to come!!!
It was so nice to have 2 days to slowly get back to normal before Chris has to go back to work.
Vacation is awesome.

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