Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's Friday! Whoops, I mean Thursday!

So it's actually Thursday but feels SSSSOOOOO much like a Friday. I absolutely LOVE short weeks! That means one extra day of my man being home!
THIS short week is extra special because my baby girl turns 6 on tomorrow! It's going to be an awesome day, her b-day AND Independence Day! But that will be another post.
Here's a look at our {short} week!
These 2 are best buds, and love each other so much!
So thankful for the pool in our housing tract (Uh, I mean subdivision - I will never get used to calling it that!)
I'm so glad that I listened to my friend, Alicia's suggestion about buying one of these floaties. It has made swimming with little man SO much easier and less stressful!
He didn't have a nap this day because we were at the pool and I was hoping he would just go to bed a little earlier that evening. He was VERY crabby (aka tired) at 5 pm and I gave him his nummies (pacifier). I found him 5 minutes later asleep on Dylan's bed.
We had to wake him and he did NOT want to, so I got to snuggle a sleeping baby for a bit!
Back at the pool!
Sonic's Happy Hour (our first time & it won't be our last!)
These 2 asked to stay up late to catch fireflies. How could I say no? This is one of the BEST things about summers here.
Another nap time - he fell asleep at the bottom of the stairs.
All clean and Slick Willy hair!
Remember my ghetto 4th of July decorations? Well the kids and I improvised. At least we have SOMETHING up!
Payton's sunflowers are so pretty! We have 6 blooms so far.
Yes, that is a naked baby.
Another nap time, another location.
Payton asked if we could have a tea party. I told her it was too hot for tea, so she asked for a Dirty Diet Coke party instead! (What can I say, she has great taste!)
After picking up Dylan from taekwondo, I surprised the kids and took them for ice cream cones at McDonalds.
They were huge . . . holy moley!
Tucking in my 5 year old one last time. Tomorrow she's SIX!

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