Sunday, July 6, 2014

Myrtle Beach {Part I}

Papa & Sasha rented a hotel in Myrtle Beach for a week and invited us to meet them there and stay with them for vacation . Yes please!
Heading out!
Beautiful Tennessee highways.
We hit a bit of traffic and didn't understand why, until we passed 3 people on the side of the road trying to prevent a cow from crossing the highway. He (the cow) is right there in the shadows of the trees, 8 feet from the people. #onlyintennessee
We stopped at Chuy's in Knoxville.
Then I got to drive through the Smokies. It was a curvy and beautiful.
We spent the night at a hotel and then loaded back up the next morning. Only 3 more hours!
There are perks to being short - I can stretch my legs out in the car!
There kids were pretty good for being in the car for such a long time.
We made it!
First stop? Atlantic Beach.
How is the beach here different than the beaches in California?

White Sand (and it's soft!)
Lots of seashells
Warm water (83° that day)
You can throw footballs on the beach
You can have open containers on the beach (a bunch of people were walking around drinking beers - it was bizarre.)

Oh and I can TOTALLY tell that the ocean is on the wrong side.
Daddy bought us all Italian Ices from a dune buggy driving up the beach.
We have missed how beach . . . a lot.
We met up with Papa & Sasha at the hotel room and man was it NICE!
Here's our view of the intercoastal waterway from the back door.
Snuggling with my (6 year old!) girl!
We continued celebrating P's birthday with her opening Papa & Sasha's present.
An Easy Bake Oven!
In the car, getting dinner.
Dessert time! Cookies from her Easy Bake Oven.
To be continued . . .

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