Friday, July 25, 2014

Super Busy Week Part II

Thursday morning, I hadn't heard or seen Ry for a few minutes. I figured that I should go and find out what he was into.
He had gotten out a maze book and a box of coloring stuff.
He knew he had gotten into a no-no but how can you be mad at a face like that? Plus he was coloring so nicely and being quiet.
He's so cute!
Back at the pool for a bit!
My favorite go-to Circulon pan that we got when we were first married (over 12 years ago), it's non-stick lining was coming off. It had a limited lifetime warranty so I sent it in and they shipped me out a new Rachael Ray pan. Score!
We played a round of Battleship (P and me vs. D).
Football & Cheer practice time. I LOVE this picture.
I am trying out different ways to do Payton's hair, and am loving it!
"Put me in coach!"
Late night nuggles (aka: snuggles) and giggles with Little Man.
Finally, 9 weeks into summer the kids FINALLY slept in!
Dylan was usually up by 6:15am and Payton and Rylan by 6:45am. So to have them sleep in until 8am was pure bliss!
The made mugs for daddy.
And Ry, for the first time, all on his own, brought me a flower saying, "Momma, here's a flower for you!"
My heart melted into a puddle right then and there.
Kiddie pool time.
We made Seven Layer Magic Bars. (Why are they called 7 layer when there is only 6 layers?)
And Dylan's portion is missing a layer because he doesn't like coconut. #crazykid #whodoesn'tlikecoconut?
Another hot air balloon!
Water break at football.
Reading Ry's favorite dinosaur book during practice.
I love man in uniform.
Ry is taking after his daddy. Chris is strong and can carry a ton of things at one time. I tell people all the time that I married a packmule. So introducing Packmule Jr.
We survived this super crazy busy week! 2 pool days, 1 evening volunteering at football, 4 football practices, 4 taekwondo practices, and 2 cheer practices. Whew! And next week is almost the same . . .

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