Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Super Busy Week (and it's only Wednesday!)

Aren't my parents so cute? It made my (Monday) morning, getting this text from them.
I love them.
Life is rough I tell ya.
We lunched by the pool.
And played in the pool.
And I got booger-y kiss from Ry Guy.
And we layed out a bit.
Some friends showed up at the pool and the boys (plus Payton and Rylan) were having a blast.
Everyone took turns belly flopping. Even Rylan!
I made a double batch of Meatball Nirvana for dinner and froze half for another time.
And if Monday wasn't busy enough, Dylan started football in the evening.
Tuesday was errand day. We finally made it to Toys-R-Us so Payton could spend her birthday money.
And since we were by daddy's office, he met us for lunch.
Ry was there too - just being uncooperative under the table.
Then it was to Costco with my crazies. (They LOVE going when it's sample time - but then don't we all?)
At Aldi's (we had a LOT of errands to do!) Dylan went missing and I found him in the big bean bag display box.
As soon as we got home Payton put on her new Tangled dress and crown she has just purchased at Toys-R-Us.
Them it was off to football & cheer practice!
Ry was a good sport sitting in his stroller, walking back and forth between watching Payton and Dylan.
I guess we've had a busy week because look who I found crashed out on the couch (and ottoman) Wednesday morning?!?!
We hung out at home for most of the morning then headed to the Farmers Market.
Payton bought this cute ring.
On the way home we stopped to get a snowcone. And I got to post this on a local Facebook community page.
The owner of Snoballs (a food truck that sells snowcones) is an older gentleman (with the sweetest smile) who's wife passed away a couple of weeks ago. Not only is THAT hard enough to deal with, but she also accrued a bunch of medical bills at the end. The community has rallied around him to help support his business and in turn support him.
I really love this community, it's like one big family!

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