Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 Months

Yeaouza - I am 9 months pregnant!  28 more days to go {But who's counting??? Oh yeah, me!}!
~ 36 Week Update ~

Total weight gain/loss: +20 lbs

Maternity clothes:  Yes. All my regular shirts are way too short at this point.  Although when I wear one of those, Craig (my father-in-law) says that I look "Georgia" and fit right in.  =)  I had to retire my trusty AE jeans because it is too hot to wear pants anymore.  So now I am wearing maternity shorts almost daily.  I have been blessed with some cute hand-me-down maternity clothes too!

Sleep:  Having some insomnia this past month.  If I get up to use the restroom I am awake for an hour or two.  But sometimes (like last night) I sleep through the night!

Best moment this month:  Going thru and sorting, washing and folding all of Dylan's baby clothes.  It was a trip down memory lane AND it made me more excited for the arrival of Little Man.

Movement:  Lots.  They say that it is supposed to slow down at the end because they run out of room...but I don't think anyone told Little Man that!

Food cravings:  Still on the hot and spicy kick.  See:

Yes, that is jalapenos on my pizza - no other toppings and it was won.der.ful.

Gender: least it better be at this point!  =)

What I miss:  Being active.  I have a few good hours in the morning then I need to be sitting down or laying down pretty much the rest of the day.  I feel super lazy

Milestones:  I went to once a week appointments.  I have been having a lot of contractions.  Oh and at my appointment on Monday I was dilated 1.5-2 cm!  {Yes, that news tells you everything and nothing all at the same time.  My contractions were actually doing something...but I could stay dilated the same for weeks!}

I guess this is my last pregnancy update because I PRAY there will not be a 10 month update!  We are all excited and can't wait to meet Little Man!

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