Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week #8 {2015} - Ice Storm

Sunday morning Ry woke up not feeling well, which meant a lot of snuggles for me. 
I love when he wears his Ninja Turtle shell. {Thanks Auntie J!}
Then they both wanted me to hold them. At the same time.
Afterwards, Payton wanted to hold him all by herself.
Dylan decided to make cookies all on his own, with a little bit of help from his sous chef, Payton. {He even cleaned up afterwards!}
I asked him to take a pic of his cookies and I got these.
Guess he's been watching me take pics of my food very closely!
I love my grandmas's apron.
Monday #IceStorm2015 hit. You can read about it {here}.
Tuesday the kids school was cancelled. Which was fine because we woke up to this view.
I ventured very slowly down to the mailbox. Remember that is all ice . . . not snow. That's our house.
The ice left some pretty things though.
Dylan loved chipping away at the ice on our patio.
And the kids were stoked that school is cancelled again tomorrow!
I found a heart shaped mushroom,
which went into a super yummy soup that Chris created out of what we had on hand. It was yummy!
Then they made ants/ladybugs on a log.
Wednesday Ry was feeling better and wanted to have his turn at sledding. "Mama, I'm ready!"
We were finally getting our first snow.
So Chris and I got out there and joined them.
And we headed out front for some driveway sledding.
{He almost crashed into the mailbox!}
We had enough snow to make snow cream. I have great memories of my mom making this when I was little.
Since we were getting low on food, and they cancelled school for the rest of the week, we ventured out {down our icy driveway} and headed to WalMart. There was plenty of food there with the exception of the bread department.
When we got back home we couldn't get back up our driveway. Chris and Dylan tried to chip away at the ice, but decided to just leave the car there. 
And I may or may not have fallen trying to carry groceries up the hill. Too bad there isn't video. That would have been funny.
We had a blizzard-thingy swoop through. It wasn't a white-out . . . Maybe a gray-out?
This is tomorrow morning's forecast. Good-golly!
Thursday - I have to say, the kids are doing REALLY well for being home this week. Are they stir crazy? Yes. But besides the small amount of bickering, and the fact that the house is constantly a mess, we are doing good and they still love each other. See?
Since today was the best day weather wise {although it was the coldest day of the week} Chris had to go pick up some documents from a customer and stop by his office so we tagged along. This is the parking lot at his office.
The highways were clear except the black ice under the bridges. I'm glad we were driving at lunchtime rather than early morning or evening. Both times would be extremely icy!
Friday was day #5 of this ice/winter storm and even though I'm trying to keep the house picked up, our living room looked like this.
And guess what. I'm happy. Yes, it's cold. We can't really go anywhere, do anything. But I'm thankful for a warm house. A husband who can work from home and not risk being out in these horrible driving conditions. Food to feed our bellies. And as of now, we still have running water and power. Plus were making memories. For years to come we will talk about that ice storm where we were stuck home all week.
Then I caught my favorite moment of the day on camera.  I get to watch it over and over again.

Gigglesnort.  He's okay.
About 2pm it started to snow again,
and this time the flakes were ginormous!
Ry got ready to go outside to play. Um, yeah buddy . . . I don't think that's going to work.
The temps {finally} rose to above freezing and the snow turned to rain so I made peanut butter cookies and we snuggled in for Family Movie night.
{And yes, I probably gained 15 pounds this week!}
Since it rained all night we woke up Saturday morning to everything covered in ice. The kids decided to go and shovel the sidewalk for us!
This is the aftermath of my favorite moment yesterday.
And this is the aftermath of the ice, sleet, snow & rain.
This is a pic of the water just running down on top of the ice from our backyard.
And my awesome husband clearing the driveway . . . in the rain.
Week #8 of 2015 will not soon be forgotten.  We made great memories, but hurry up and get here Spring!

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