Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Our day started with Valentine's Breakfast {aka French Toast}, a tradition that started 5 years ago.
I gave the kids each some water paints and a box of chocolate.
We had to drop the van off to get new tires put on and told the kids to get ready.  Ry came downstairs dressed like this.
Since we were going to be gone for about 15 minutes, we left DD at home all by himself {for the first time}.  
When we got back he was like this, watching tv.  I think he liked staying home.
We had a family Valentine's Lunch at Chili's.  
My big boys.
And my littles.
Wanna know what will make Rylan belly laugh every. single. time. ?
Rolling down a window in the car.
Then it was nap time!  Woo hoo!
Great, cute family movie!
And then Chris and I watched Denzel's new movie, The Equalizer. Great movie, but unfortunately had a lot of cussing.
It was a perfect Valentine's Day.  I got to spend it with 4 of my favorite valentines!
Oh, and I almost forgot - My nephew, Geoff,  proposed to his long time girlfriend today.  She is a wonderful lady and I'm so glad he {finally} proposed.  Welcome to the {crazy} family Lauren!
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