Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice Storm 2015

We knew a winter storm was rolling in today and woke up to this.
It didn't look like much but it was black ice and slippery roads, which was okay since the kids were home from school for Presidents' Day and Chris was able to work from home as well.
By 10am, the kids were dying to get outside. The went boogie board sledding.

And ice surfing.

They found ice covered sticks.
They came in for hot cocoa and to warm up.
And we had an early lunch.
I may or may not have eating this sandwich 4 days in a row. But I'll never tell. {wink}
11:45 am and everything was white,
And wanna hear the crazy thing? It's NOT snow. It's all sleet. Every drop.
and it was still coming down strong. Can you hear it bouncing off Dylan's jacket?

Snow angel.
It's piling up!
And they tried out some kayaking.
Although I am a hot weather person, I will admit it was a fantastically fun day. It was full of smiles and laughter.  Some great memories were made.
P.S. You don't see Rylan out there because his isn't feeling 100%. He stayed indoors with me all day, and you know if he did that, he really wasn't feeling good. Poor baby!
Schools already cancelled for tomorrow because of the road conditions.  So I better come up with some fun things to keep the kids busy!

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