Saturday, January 31, 2015

Itsy's Wedding {California Day 3}

My mom toasted some old fashioned donuts for us for breakfast. I don't like donuts {I totally DON'T get Krispy Kreme}, with the exception of these toasted old fashioned {and it has to be toasted} and Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Munchkins, those are good too. 
I gave my dad a Goo Goo Cluster and Buddy, his dog, was hoping for a nibble.
We ran a bunch of errands and stopped for a bite at Miguel's Jr.
I've never eaten there before, but I WILL be back. It was so good.
Then a quick impulse buy at Trader Joe's. So good.  I'm on vacation, so I didn't look at the fat content.  =)
I got to FaceTime with these cuties. Oh how I miss them.
And then there is a long drawn out story about my sister, Jeannine, losing my moms car in the WalMart parking lot.  We ended up finding it in front of Ross, and it was hilarious.
Then it was time for Itsy's wedding.
It was at the Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church.  So pretty.
Itsy, actually her name is Elizabeth, is a long time friend. We grew up together and knew each other before we were born. We don't get to see each other all the time, but when we do, we have such a great time together.
She was a stunning bride.
Isn't my mom beautiful?
On the way to the reception, I drove up this hill:
It doesn't look so bad in the photo, but it's super steep and it terrifies me every time I have to go up and or down it. I drove it so I {actually my dad} could video it for Dylan.
The reception was at the Ritz Carlton, in Laguna Beach and the weather was perfect.
And the sunset, amazing.
Then it was time for dinner.
Not a bad view from my seat!
Mr. & Mrs. Durant!
The salad was excellent.  And it even had flower petals in it!
Chicken, Steak & Bacon.  Enough said.
Aunt Valerie, the mother of the bride.
Uncle Berry, the father of the bride.
Then it was time to dance. And that's my mom out there with us!  I'll spare you the video, cause I can't dance, but we had a blast.
Back at my sister's house, we said goodbye to Jeannine. I was spending the night at Davese's and Jeannine had to go back to our mom and dad's because she flew out early the next morning.
Goodbyes stink.  But we had SUCH A FANTASTIC and wonderful time.
We will laugh and joke and remember this trip for a LONG time to come.

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