Thursday, January 15, 2015

Galla-Rini's Take on Nashville Day 1

My sister, Davese, and her husband Miles {the Galla-Rini's} were coming out to visit us! I got this SnapChat from them in the morning.
They landed in Nashville in the early evening and we were so stoked to see them!
We jumped in the car,
and my sister decided to video all of us. 
Why was she videoing is instead of getting into the car to go?
They surprised us by bringing out their youngest with them! {I was clueless!}
We were SO surprised and SO excited to see and hug on Kenzi!
Me and my sister!
We headed straight to Hattie B's Hot Chicken and Rylan started everything off with cracking his head on a table. 
Good times.
Soda fixes everything.
Payton LOVED that Kenzi was here. Payton does a lot of things that reminds us of Kenzi {we call her Kenzi Jr. at times}, so it was cute to see them together again!
I told them to order the "D@%n Hot Chicken" because it was excellent last time we had it. But this time it REALLY lived up to its name. Whew!
My friend, Adria, {we went to elementary thru highschool together}, she and her family went/go to my sister's church in California. Adria {and her hubby}, and Adria's brother {and his wife} moved out to Nashville this summer. And now her parents are moving out. So they all met up with us for dinner at Hattie B's. It was awesome.
Chris, Adria's dad and husband were all twinsies with matching jackets on.
So glad Miles aka "Unc" could come out this time!
Adria, her dad, hubby and me.
When we got home, I gave them RC Cola and MoonPies. 
They gave the kids a Spirograph and we all sat around playing with it. {It brought back so many memories!}
They also brought us some In-N-Out!!! Yum! So nice to have a taste of home!
Then we all snuggled in for the night!
Now we are just missing our other sister, Jeannine!
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