Sunday, January 18, 2015

Galla-Rini's Take on Nashville Day 4

Unc {aka Miles} is training for a marathon and this morning was his long {17 mile} run. Wowzers!
So when he was done, we hit up Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch.
Dylan had some {a tiny bit of} coffee with way too much Equal and syrup.  Yuck!
Little man devoured his food!
Then we headed to The Factory.
I forgot that on Sundays most stores are closed or not open until noon so we went back to Downtown Franklin for a bit.
{P.S. This is a rare moment {them hugging}.  I was so glad I got a picture!}
Then we came back home to relax a bit.
Kenzie put makeup on Payton {which she LOVED}.
And then they {the Galla-Rini's} went out to dinner with some friends that drove down from Indiana to see them!
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