Sunday, June 8, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up {Mexican Food}

Saturday morning I finally remembered to put Payton's press-on nails on her.  She has asked me to put them on a thousand times before, usually right as we are getting ready to walk out the door. She was pretty stoked.
While folding laundry, Ry decided to climb in the dryer.
Chris had to work so I took the kids to the Home Depot kids craft. They made lawn mowers!
We played Uno Attack while Rylan was napping.
When daddy got home, we headed to Tito's - a Mexican restaurant that has been highly recommended by a bunch of people.
And man was it good! It's the best Mexican food we have had since leaving California. Here's the Burrito Colorado that I ordered.
My sister asked me if it was actually good Mexican food or if I had just been out of California too long . . . LOL!
I got some before bed snuggles from all 3 kiddos.
First thing the next morning, they were all in a cartoon coma.
Chris really wanted to wash his car and was going to go to the store to buy some car soap, so the kids decided to give him his Father's Day present early!
And then we helped him wash the car!
We hit up Sweet Cece's for frozen yogurt (And I did not get even 1 good/clear picture!).
We got to end the night watching fireflies in the backyard.
Yup. It was a pretty good weekend.

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