Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Day That Needs Documenting

This day needs to be documented . . . Seriously. Just so I can look back and remember these trying  cute moments.

- Rylan climbed up the OUTSIDE of our stair railing and made it 4 steps from the top before hollering for help. (Yes, my heart stopped.)

- He threw my phone on the floor. (Thank The Lord the cover protected it from breaking!)

- Dylan found him like this:

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That's an entire bottle of kids shampoo in the sink, cup and trash can. (At least it's all clean now, right?)

- He got into the game/puzzle closet and dumped 2 puzzles out.

- The house looked like this for most of the day:
- Four times I found a diaper on the floor. The baby that they were supposed to be on - was missing. "Find the naked baby before he pees on something!" (Fortunately 2 of those times we found him sitting on the potty going pee-pee! Woot, woot!)

- He pulled out a chunk of hair from Payton's head. And then walloped her (on the head) with a plastic tube/stick thingy.
- He poured an entire bottle of salt onto the table while setting the table for dinner. (I know it was full, because he had pulled these shenanigans 2 days ago). And then he did it AGAIN while we were clearing the table after dinner.  Yeah, lesson NOW learned.

- I caught him twice climbing up on top of the entertainment center (yes, again).

He's lucky he gives the best "sweet kisses"  otherwise he would have been shipped off to military school today!

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