Sunday, June 1, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Remember the Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies we made this week? Well, I have a tip . . . Bake only what you will eat that day. Then scoop the rest of the dough into balls and place them into a plastic container (using wax paper in between each layer) and freeze them. That way when you have a craving you can just pull out a few and bake them in your toaster oven - or just eat them straight from the freezer (I'm not saying that's what I DO, but saying I DON'T do that would be a lie. {giggle}!)
Ry loves his box of blocks and will play quietly with them for a good chunk of time. He dumps them everywhere 3-4 times a day. Which means I clean them UP 3-4 times a day!)
We had Grilled Cheese BLT's for lunch today. I used {this} recipe and replaced the avocado with lettuce.  (I HAD the avocado and forgot to use it - doh!) 
They are SO worth the effort!
I volunteered to help with uniform fittings for Dylan's football team. The skies opened up and it poured on us (with some thunder and lightning - yikes). I made it safely to the car but felt like a wet dog!
Big boy in his practice jersey and gear.
Go Hawks!
Ry wants to play too!

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