Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week #28 {2017}

Sunday morning and Bombi looks so tiny in this picture!  He's really a huge moose!
My little guy.
Payton will not put Mr. Pig down.
Monday The littles and I went to the pool for awhile.
Then Payton had a softball game and Gigi came to watch.
Tuesday Seriously? Ugh!
Pool day again!
Gigi came for a little while.
Then we hit up Sonic on the way home...
for slushes!
And yet again...not even 7 hours later.  Does anyone want a Boxer puppy?
Back at TKD and Rylan was stretching with Dylan's class.
We need our busy day back at the ball field!
I hadn't heard Ry in a little bit and found him like this... {I feel ya buddy!  It was a BUSY day!}
Thursday I dropped the kids off at Gigi's and headed with a girlfriend up to Nashville.  We ate at Zoes Kitchen, which was fantastic.  I haven't been before and don't know why I waited so long! Their Basil Pesto Hummus was a-MAZ-ing!
Then we hit up Trader Joe's.  This was my haul.  I got a few new things I haven't tried before - Orange Flavored Cranberries, Olive Tapanade, Jalapeño Limeade, and Tofu {because Dylan wanted to try it - and it did NOT like it!}
Chris' cousin sent the littles some ADORABLE personalized aprons!
At this point I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  And yes, I have now gotten rid of all of my potted plants. Grrr.
I love this kid!
Friday we had Lettuce Wraps for dinner.  It is one of our favorite meals.
It's such a fresh and healthy meal!
Saturday we picked up Dylan/my bike.  
Since we are the same size, we are going to share a bike until we find out if Dylan likes riding or not.  Then if he does, when he grows he can get a bigger bike and I will keep this one!  It's a win-win!
While we were doing that, Payton was at a birthday party for a friend.  They got to go in a pink limo and drive around Downtown Nashville.  So fun!

Yep, sugared up and pooped out!
Auntie D had sent Rylan some bubble gum to blow bubbles with him over FaceTime.
And his cousin Geoff got in on it too!
Isn't that such a fun idea?  While they were doing that, Payton had put herself to bed and fell fast asleep!

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