Saturday, June 25, 2016

Week #25 {2016}

Sunday was Father's Day.
Monday we started Gamma......and it is NO JOKE!
The kids got in on a little T25 themselves!
Payton had her first day of cheer camp {which she loved}.
And after we went to the pool.
On the way to Ry's t-ball game, he crashed out.
He must of needed that tiny snooze, because he did great at the game!

He even tagged a player out:
Tuesday I made some fresh Peach Salsa - yummy!
Wednesday was Red White & Blue day at cheer camp.
That evening Papa & Yaya showed up at our house!
We went to dinner with them and someone enjoyed their ice-cream afterwards.
That night Ry wanted to play hairdresser and do Yaya's and my hair.  He was so proud of his work!
Thursday morning, the littles snuggled up on my lap during my quiet time.
Darby, my sweet neighbor/friend, brought us a breakfast casserole last night to bake this morning.  It was awesome!
Payton had her last day of cheer camp.
Papa & Yaya, and my mom and kids and I got to go and watch Payton perform.  {She's in the front in the splits!}
Then that night both kids had a game, at the exact same time, at diagonal fields. We stood in the middle of both fields to watch - but it was cool because BOTH sets of grandparents were there to cheer him on!
Friday we got to watch a trippy storm roll in.
Saturday morning, Papa & Yaya left to go back to California and we headed to the Pay it Forward Festival.
After the festival we hung out back...
And that night we had the BEST {so far} lighting and thunderstorm. We stood outside watching the spectacular show God put on for us. It was amazing.

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