Tuesday, June 7, 2016

1st Degree Level 3 Black Belt Testing

This last Saturday Dylan had his belt testing.
This kick has a super long name, so I just called it a Jump Front Kick:
His Superman punch is my all time favorite.  So he made it more difficult by doing a Runaway Superman Palm Heel:
Superman punch!
He had to spar 4 different people for a bunch of rounds.
He came off the floor and ran to hug us.  When he got to daddy he teared up a bit {but according to him he "DIDN'T cry!"}.  It was tears of pride, happiness, and relief.
Fastforward to today...
It was the awards ceremony.
Mr. Francis is his favorite instructor, and afterwards he showed him who was boss.
Then {of course} Rylan wanted to get in on the action.
Congrats Dylan!  Dad and Mom are so very proud of the hard work and dedication you have shown to get to this level.  Watching you "do your thing" puts a huge smile on our faces. We love you Buddy.

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