Monday, June 27, 2016

Florida {Day 2}

Today we woke up and headed straight to the beach.
There's the ocean!
Ahhh.  Absolute beauty.
My happy toes in the warm water.
We spent HOURS there.  It was perfect.
Chris spent some time teaching Dylan how to surf {until his leash broke - boo!},
and then he had to do a little work.  The office view wasn't bad today!
Daddy & son conversations.
Rylan was cracking up that the tiny waves were knocking me over.
Once we were back in the wasn't long until this happened.
We made a small detour and stopped at the Ponte Vedra Traders Joes.
All the trees are covered with Spanish Moss.  It's beautiful.
Back at Kevin and Renee's - you'd think the kids would be tired, but nope!  They decided to swim until late into the night.
We sat around chatting and catching up.
My snuggle bear was a little sun kissed!

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