Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week #7 {2016} California

Sunday was Valentine's Day.
Monday we woke up super early and hit the road!
Utah is stunningly beautiful.
3 miles away from the California border we hit traffic {of course!}.
It took us TWO EXTRA HOURS to drive this 10 mile stretch of road.  Ugh.
Finally made it to Papa Nutt and Gigi's house.
Coco came over to see us.
Hugging on Papa!  They were SUPER excited and shocked to see us show up at their door!
We stopped by Doheny Beach for a tiny bit to dip our toes in the water.
Dinner at my sister's house.
We went to see my niece at BIOLA.
Wednesday we went back to Doheny for a couple of hours.
Eating In-N-Out on our way home.
We all ended up sick.  Chris and I had the flu {he still drove us home!}. It's a miserable drive home when you don't feel good. But when we got home our sweet friend/neighbor had spoiled us with some groceries!
Not only perfect for coming home from a trip, but perfect because we weren't feeling good!

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