Saturday, February 13, 2016

Week #6 {2016}

Super Bowl Sunday was a beautiful day.  After church we played outside for a bit.
Then sat down to watch the game.
Monday, while waiting for Dylan's bus {all of 4 minutes} it started to snow/hail/sleet and it came down fast!
Pretty huh?
Papa Nutt and Gigi sent the kids a Valentine's Day card.
Tuesday we woke up to this forecast
and outside looked like this.
So a snow day it was!  Mia came over and the girls made cookies.
And they even cleaned everything up!
Wednesday we woke up to beautiful sunshine (and another snow day!)
Wednesday it was Dylan's turn to make cookies.
Thursday after school, Dylan and I went on a date to his favorite places, the library and Sonic.
Then it was time for this!
On the way home, Darby asked us to stop by her house because she had some road trip goodie bags for the kids.
{Yes, I have the SWEETEST neighbors/friends ever}
Friday Payton was all dressed for her Valentine's Day celebration.
I gave little man a much needed haircut.
And I got the sweetest gift from Dylan.
So did you catch the "road trip" I mentioned earlier?
Well, on Tuesday we found out that my father-in-law has cancer. So we left today to drive out to California to surprise and see him!
30 minutes into the drive we had 2 sleepers already!
Movie time.
After his little nap Rylan was chiefing it.  He would not fall back asleep.  Everytime I looked back he waved at me.
Saturday. He did sleep at the hotel though!
Back on the road!
The goody bag that Darby gave the kids kept them busy.
As did the dvd player.
We made it to my sister's house in Littleton, CO!
My sis and me.
And this is both of our babies.
We went for a walk.
And had fun catching up.

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