Saturday, February 6, 2016

Week #5 {2016}

Sunday Rylan drew me some monsters.
Chris painted an old white shelf to go in Payton's room.
Then he hung her letters...
which he also painted black.
{Payton LOVES them if you couldn't tell!}
Monday was the first day of February.  I loved the scripture writing plan I followed last month from so I started again for this month!
Want to join along?
She has a short version as well.
Click {here} to visit Sweet Blessings' website!
I had a bunch of work to do Monday, so Chris took Rylan out for a little bit.  They ended up having lunch at one of my favorite places {McAlister's} and sent me a picture to rub it in.  
Monday was also my daddy's happy birthday.
Wednesday we decided it was a pizookie night...
and the ramekins ended up being the perfect size!
Rylan said he wasn't tired and not ready for bed. 1 minute later he was like this:
Thursday this sweet girl joined me for quiet time first thing in the morning. {She did the shortened version of writing the scriptures.}
And I got some nuggle time in with this peanut butter face.
Then I went to the library and got some more books to read.
Friday I had a yummy lunch {that Rylan was trying to sneak a bite of!}. I spread Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese on whole wheat bread, and topped it with cucumber slices, avocado and a sprinkle of seasoned salt... and I had some iced coffee to go with it
For Family Movie Night we watched this:
I found out my sister {Hi Vese!} has NEVER seen Princess Bride, so I sent her this meme...but of course she doesn't truly appreciate it.
Again we had another night of "I'm not tired." Then....
Saturday was Payton's Daddy/Daughter Dance.
While they were at the dance, the boys and I stayed home in our cozies...
Oh and I learned a new trick - When I shrink one of Chris's hoodies, he hands them down to me. I love my new {to me} cute and comfy hoodie! {wink}

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