Friday, July 1, 2016

Downtown Franklin with Auntie D & Unc

I'm a dork and completely forgot to take pictures of our morning.
We drove the back road to eat at Martin's BBQ in Nolensville and then we all went and shared a hamburger {literally ONE} at Burger Shack.
Then we went to Downtown Franklin.
Ry asked me to take his picture {but of course!}
Anthropology had this amazing display.  It's balloons and cupcake liners.
Auntie treated the kids to frozen bananas at Kilwin's.
After some shopping we stopped at Franklin Mercantile for a snack.  The inside is too adorable!
My buddy.
Ry was losing steam so I gave him my phone and he {and Payton too} took pictures.
Later I found these on my phone.  When he saw them he laughed and said "I'm a turd." Thank you Dylan for teaching him that word!
Sweet moments.
Payton thought she was so grown up...wearing mold sunglasses and carrying Auntie's bag.
If you noticed, Dylan wasn't with us.  He opted to stay home and do this all. day. long.
We ended the night with lighting off fireworks again.
Here's some video for some giggles:
And my favorite:
Unc and Auntie are leaving super early tomorrow morning so the kids said their goodbyes tonight.

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