Saturday, July 9, 2016

Week #27 {2016}

Sunday after church we went and ran errands and I got this sweet picture.  They sure love their daddy!
 Last picture with my 7 year old girl...tomorrow she turns 8!
 I finished another book!
Monday was the 4th of July {also Payton's birthday!}.  
Ry made a "fort" and asked his daddy to go in with him.
 Payton drew this lovely mustache on Dylan.
 A huge wind/rain storm came through and I rushed outside to pull our chairs, plants and BBQ in.  I was out there for less than a minute and I was soaked! 
The kids went out front and ran in the rain {yes, the boys are in their underwear.}.
Another storm was going to roll in, so we went out at dusk to light off some fireworks.
 When the lightning started, we ran inside and watched the rest of the fireworks and storm {which was amazing!}.
 Bedtime prayers for our new 8 year old!
 Tuesday - Storm clouds can be so beautiful.
 Rylan was telling us how he had a "nite dream" {nightmare} the night we prayed for him to not have another one. {sweet boy!}
Wednesday we went to Costco with Gigi.
We ate some lunch there.
 Then stopped by and checked out Whit's Frozen Custard.  I've been living under a rock, so this was my first time having custard.  It was really good!
 For dinner I made Hatch Chili Mac & Cheese.  It was good {real good} but everyone likes J's Mac & Cheese better.
 Thursday morning shenannigans with P-Girl.
Then we had a pool day.
 {Why I oughta...}
Both kids had games that evening. And Gigi came to watch them.
They LOVE playing!
Friday - we spent the day at the pool again.  We met up with some friends there.
 Hunter and Payton are in the same grade at school.
 Crazy kid!
 Payton had another game!
 And I found this pic on my phone when we got home.
 We watched another storm come in.  Summer storms are the best!
Saturday morning we made To Die For Blueberry Muffins.  They really are amazing.
  Then we went out for the day.
 And Payton swooped her hair to the side and I saw the tag she left on! Ha!
 I love these kiddos!
 Earlier this week I challenged Dylan and Payton to make dinner this week for $10 or under.  They needed to plan, grocery shop, make and clean up the dinner.  They were super excited and when we got to Walmart, Dylan grabbed a calculator and headed off to get what he needed. I walked around the corner and saw this.  {I love him!}
 Sneak peek of what Chris has been working on.  He painted the wall, made the floating shelf and we found the EAT letters at Kirklands. It's not finished yet, but I LOVE it so far!

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