Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week #28 {2016}

Sunday Chris converted Rylan's bed into a fort.  And he loves it!
 We went down to Papa Nutt & Gigi's for a bit.  Papa was drawing with the kids.
We have a tiny "mudroom" right when you walk in the garage door.  Chris added these planks to the back and I think it looks great!
Remember I said that the kids had to make dinner this week for $10?  Well this was Dylan's: Orange Chicken, Stir-Fry Veggies & Ramen Noodles.  It was delish.
 Monday - Since Dylan is too old for VBS {boo!}, we dropped the littles off and headed out for a momma/son day date.  We hit up Panera for bagels, the library {Dylan's choice} so Dylan could max out his card {35 books!} and then to Chick-fil-A for a Frosted Lemonade.  I love this kid.
 Ry had a great time at VBS!
 You can't really tell, but it is down pouring as Chris was edging the lawn.
 At VBS they are collecting coins to feed the hungry.  Ry asked if he could earn money to donate by washing the dishes. {Yes, my heart melted right then and there.}
 We had Pan Seared Brussel Sprouts for part of our dinner tonight. They are SO VERY good!
 Tuesday Rylan slept in his fort instead of his bed.
 While the littles were at VBS, Dylan and I cleaned out the fridge {I know, super fun...but I paid him, so he was happy to help.}
 Then we played a bunch of rounds of Monopoly Deal.  GREAT game.
 We picked up the kids from VBS which happened to be pajama day.
Wednesday it was Payton's turn to make dinner.  She made pancakes, bacon and watermelon slices.
 This kid cracks me up.
 Thursday - He asked me to take a picture of him in front of this picture.  He even told me where to stand to take it!
 Payton with all the VBS Superheroes
 I found this on my phone! Crazy girl.
 Twice Baked Potatoes for dinner!
Friday - Riding in the back of Papa Nutt's truck to the pool {in our neighborhood} the kids thought it was awesome.
 After the pool we crackled some marbles.
Dylan found this project online.  You bake marbles in the oven, then drop them into ice cold water and they crackle inside.  It was super cool.
 Since Dylan has been growing his hair out, Rylan won't let us cut his hair either.  Chris looked at him and said "Hey Quaker Oatmeal Guy!"  I about died.
More random finds of my beautiful girl.
That night at Ry's t-ball game, his team had only 5 players who showed up.  The other team had 3.  After the first inning the other team called it and left.  Our coach didn't want our kids to miss out, so Payton, and I {along with a couple of other parents} went out to field for our players, so they could still hit the ball and run the bases.
Immediately after Ry's game, Payton had a game.  She did awesome and had 2 hits!
While she played, Dylan caught a TON of fireflies and Rylan made a new "friend".  They were adorable.
Saturday was  an
 Dylan wanted to go back to the library {yes 5 days later}.  He had finished all his manga books and wanted to get more.  {Ry is holding more of Dylan's books for him.}
 Payton and I had some girl time while grocery shopping.
 Then we went to Lowe's.  Yes, we are THAT family.
 Back at home, the littles ran in the sprinklers.
 And I made Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwiches for dinner.  This is one of my favorite summer dinners.

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